SHAG helps you get more out of life by building affordable senior housing that offers active senior living, a community of friends and a safe, welcoming home with an array of amenities.

All of our SHAG senior living communities have income and/or age restrictions that residents must meet in order to qualify for an apartment. The age and income restrictions differ between communities.

The application process at Washington Terrace Apartments consists of 3 parts, which must be met before the approval process can begin:

  1. Age verification
    • All members of the household must be age 55 or older AND at least one member of the Applicant's household must be age 61 or older by the end of the current year OR disabled.
    • Each household member must provide documentation establishing their eligibility including, but not limited to, a government issued identification card.
  2. Resident Screening Application
    • Each household member must have their age verified prior to completing an application. The application includes a credit and landlord reference check. Please note that a screening fee of $40 per person, and deposit, will be due at the time of the application.
  3. Resident Eligibility Application (REA)
    • Resident screening to determine eligibility will be required for rent restricted units. The REA is completed to ensure that the total household income does not exceed the maximum allowable gross income for household size.
    • All sources and amounts of current and anticipated annual gross income expected to be derived during the twelve months after move-in must be collected, verified, and reviewed by our Compliance Department to certify eligibility with the program.

      Click here to print a check list with the most commonly required documents

Annual Income
Your total annual income must be at or below the following income limits depending on number of occupants in the household:

Income Limits 1 - Person 2 - People
50% $38,750$44,300
60% $46,500$53,160
Reflects King County 2019 gross income and rent limits.