SHAG Tukwila village is featured in not one but two radio stories aired on May 21, 2018 on the pubic radio station KUOW FM. The stories touch on the many challenges our senior’s face when it comes to affordable housing, and how seniors are changing the face of communities they are moving into especially Tukwila.

We are grateful to the lead reporter, Joshua McNichols who spent countless hours and time getting to know our residents and efforts to serve our residents and community at large. He even attended our Founders Luncheon to meet and talk with our future (now current!) SHAG residents and spent some time with our newest Resident Service Coordinator, Mohammed Egal. Both stories clearly capture the vision of Tukwila Village, and our mission.

In the story titled When seniors are priced out, they end up warehoused on Aurora”, our own Mohammed Egal, a resident service coordinator with SHAG is interviewed. He affirms what the story brings up; that it is harder for seniors to stay connected as they get moved to the edge of cities, away from an active community life. He focuses on the importance of seniors staying connected to others including those younger and what SHAG’s new Tukwila village community is doing to get residents involved.

In the story titled “Hundreds of senior citizens will soon be walking highway 99 in Tukwila”.

Again, the new SHAG Tukwila village community is highlighted as the anchor project in Tukwila’s grand plan to revitalize part of the former highway 99. The story emphasizes what benefits seniors are bringing to the pedestrian-oriented neighborhood. As expressed by Moira Bradshaw, a Tukwila city planner “This catalyst project, this Tukwila village, shows what the vision is for the rest of this neighborhood.”

SHAG is proud to be a part of the revitalization of the Tukwila neighborhood. Our active and ageless adult residents will play an integral part of this vision.

Click the links below to read or listen to both stories: