In May, we celebrate Mother’s Day, a day we take stock of all the reasons moms are important to us throughout our lives, and why we are so grateful for everything they do. They have that magical touch to heal our wounds, lift our spirits with a smile and advise us like no one else, no matter what age we may be. This Mother’s Day, May 13th, celebrate Mom!

Ask most mothers and they will tell you the best gift you can give on Mother’s Day is to simply be there for her. While you can't buy a Mother's love, in a recent survey three quarters of Americans (75%) plan to buy a Mother's Day gift and 3 in 5 (60%) say they'll likely spend between $6 and $50 on their matriarch. Other survey results reveal:

What Mom Really Wants on Her Special Day:

  • Spending quality time with the kids (55%)
  • Breakfast, lunch and/or dinner (47%)
  • Gift card (43%)
  • Participating in a family activity (41%)
  • Something homemade (37%)

Here's what Americans Plan to Get/Do for Mom:

  • Flowers (43%)
  • Spending quality time with Mom (37%)
  • A greeting card (35%)
  • Breakfast, lunch and/or dinner (32%)
  • Gift card (30%)

Here are some ideas for spending quality time with mom.

Get the family together. Gather together all the generations—grandparents, children, grandchildren, siblings, and extended family and friends for a joint celebration. If the weather is nice, an outdoor barbecue might be the best venue.

Keep it simple. A memorable and unique celebration doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Head for your favorite coffee shop, or restaurant to share in a meal, or take in a movie. Visit a long-adored park, or play tourist in your town, treating her to an outing.

Cook a favorite meal. Work side-by-side with your mom to prepare a meal that your family loves. Or, if she’d rather be excused to relax while you do all the cooking, that’s OK, too!

Take a short stroll/ride. According to your mother’s health and capabilities, plan a walk in the park, or a shopping mall. Even a stroll around your mom’s neighborhood can be relaxing, fun, and surprisingly interesting, pointing out landmarks, houses, shops, trees, and vegetation that catch your attention. And if a stroll is to physically hard, take a scenic ride in the car.

Living Apart. Of course if you cannot be with your mom on Mother’s Day, send flowers, chocolates or pick up the phone to connect with her. Let her know you are thinking about her, you can bet she is thinking of you!