Virtual Thanksgiving illustration

While the Centers for Disease Control recommends against traveling long distances and gathering inside this Thanksgiving, it doesn’t mean the celebration needs to be cancelled. By holding festivities online via Zoom, Skype or similar technology, family and friends can still get together in a fun, meaningful way. The publication The Cut offers tips for making the most of the virtual occasion:

  • Choose a host: Decide who in the group will serve as emcee, directing conversation and activities so they flow. Consider appointing several people to take turns in the role.
  • Designate a “tech captain”: If some participants are uncomfortable using technology, assign a tech-savvy member of the group to work with them ahead of time to so they will be ready to participate.

Two men virtually cooking and celebrating

  • Put together a plan: Create an event timeline, with activities that add energy to the occasion. They could include a centerpiece competition in which everyone has 10 minutes to create one out of a list of items; a scavenger hunt; a Thanksgiving toast and more.
  • Keep the celebration relatively short: Experts recommend one hour in length, or two at most, so the event doesn’t exceed online attention spans.
  • Dress up yourself and your home: Create a holiday setting by decorating in seasonal colors. Changing out of your “regular clothes” and into festive attire will help you get fully into the holiday spirit.

The experts suggest concluding the celebration by taking a group photo; your tech captain can snap a screen shot and send it to everyone. It will be a reminder of this unusual but still wonderful Thanksgiving. Find more suggestions here on how you can have a fun and safe Thanksgiving.