Memorial Day means so much more than enjoying a day off and hamburgers fresh off the grill. It is a day of remembrance, and is celebrated each May to honor the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of our freedom. It began as a remembrance of those who died in the Civil War. During the 20th century, it was expanded as a day to memorialize Americans who died in any war. This year we celebrate on May 28.

We recognize that we enjoy our freedom because many before us have paid the ultimate price. Among our residents are those who fought in the Pacific and European battlefields of WWII, and in Korea and Vietnam. And our residents remember well those who did not return from distant shores to see family members and friends again. We honor them and their memories each and every Memorial Day.

Last year it’s estimated over 100,000 people attended activities at VA’s national cemeteries, honoring about one million men and women who died in the military during wartime. In continuing the tradition of remembrance, our thoughts go out to all those who have served, and those still fighting for our country and our freedom.

If you are looking for activities around the greater Puget Sound area Memorial Day weekend, check out these links for ideas: