And the winners are…Falling Pins! And who is this you might ask? They are a group of residents living at our West Seattle Arrowhead Gardens community and the Wii Bowling National Champions. The ladies won their conference at the National Senior League. Patricia DeRiso , William Lien, Sheila Roution and Patti Raczon made up this winning team.

Wii Bowling, is the next best thing to being on ‘the lanes’ for older bowlers. Bowlers throw the ball, using a remote that weighs ounces rather than several pounds. Bowlers line up on the lanes just like in the bowling alley and the ball is thrown remotely, using the same marks on the floor and the same manner of release. It records strikes and spares and open frames too.

Arrowhead has had at least four teams in the National Senior League over the past six years. They bowl in a handicapped league against other teams from throughout the country. The ‘season’ is seven weeks of regular bowling and then three weeks of playoffs, happening several times during the year. They bowl their games and then enter scores with the National Senior League. There are seven divisions and many conferences within each. Arrowhead has always had a team move onto the playoffs, only to be defeated before the final championship.

But this year was different, they had a new team who went all the way. They persevered and hoped for the best each week, first winning their conference and then making it to the next round. Then it was the next round and then it was the NEXT round and the big win. They won the Elite 2 Division. SHAG is very proud of ‘our’ champions.

A new season has already started and there are now six teams. Arrowhead Gardens encourages lots of participation, it’s fun, good exercise and it’s one of the many ways to remain active and be social. Arrowhead has held inter-property tournaments with Celebrations and hope to have another one soon.