Dog in moving box

The moving process can be so much fun! Said no one ever. But, it doesn’t have to be such a headache either. From packing to moving day to the transition to a new home, we’ve compiled some useful tips to make your move much easier.

  1. Focus on the Long Game – To keep the minutia of the move from stressing you out, focus on the adventure you’re about to begin instead. Once you’re in your new place you’ll have less stress, more freedom, more fun and plenty of time to enjoy it all, which makes your effort now well worth it.

  2. Plan Your New SpaceCouple packing and laughingYou can’t pack 24/7 right? Take a break from time to time and switch gears to fun parts of the move – making your new space feel like home! If you haven’t already, contact the community to request a floor plan. The community may also provide certain items so double-check what may already be in the space. And although the space may be smaller, there are plenty of ways to maximize it such as incorporating:
    • A neutral or light color scheme and/or mirrors to create an open feeling
    • Smaller furniture pieces
    • Dual purpose items such as an ottoman with storage inside
    • Shelving or tall pieces to make the most of vertical space; you get more storage and the ceiling looks taller

  3. Pack It Up – By now you’ve likely already downsized your stuff (if you haven’t, check out these downsizing tips). But keep these packing tips in mind as you pack up what remains:
    • Packed boxes should be less than 50 lbs. to make them easier to move
    • Pack heavier items at the bottom of the box
    • Keep clothing in dresser drawers
    • Keep important records with you
    • Label boxes with essentials “Load last, Unload first”
    • Keep items where they go; for example, bubble wrap or tape silverware in its tray
    • Tape screws and bolts to the underside of furniture (in a bag)
    • Keep items in the same box that go in the same room together
    • Pack small items in small boxes then put them in larger boxes to keep secure
    • Fill empty spots in boxes with linens, scarves and other lightweight items

  4. Sanity Savers – Nothing is more irritating that packing mishaps so avoid them if you can by making sure you have all your packing supplies beforehand, use heavyweight boxes (double-tape the bottoms) and keep all reassembly tools like screwdrivers in a separate, clearly marked box.

  5. Let Everyone Know – Start by changing your address with the post office. Then contact your service providers (water, electric, cable and so on) to cancel services, and you can also go ahead and schedule a time to get your services going in your new home. It might be helpful to check with the community beforehand to see if any services are provided for you.

  6. Moving Day – In addition to the moving logistics, make sure you’ve completed all the new resident paperwork and familiarized yourself with the community as well as its policies. Don’t forget to enlist family and friends to help with the move, if you’re not hiring movers and/or to help you get settled in. The more the merrier!

  7. Once You’re InWe know that being the new kid can be hard. But you’ll find that many communities have new resident ambassadors that will show you the ropes, get you an activity calendar, introduce you around and help you feel welcome. Remember, the residents there now have been in your shoes and may have some additional tips to ease the transition. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter.

And you’re done; at least with the hard part that is! Next thing you know you’ll be hosting a housewarming; or better yet, welcoming new residents like yourself to this wonderfully active and ageless lifestyle!

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