Here to Help

The daily challenges of getting older often become barriers to living independently. SHAG's Resident Service Coordinators (RSC) help reduce these obstacles by providing residents with access to a lifeline of tools, resources and education.

Empowering Residents

Our RSCs help everyday life go a little smoother for our residents with equal parts empathy and empowerment. There's an RSC at every SHAG community, available to help residents connect with services and information that will support them in living a vital independent life.

A Better Day Starts Here

RSCs help residents get help for everything from routine tasks like home management and transportation, to health and wellness screenings, food and nutrition services, lease compliancy and much more.

Debbie Detmer

Resident Services Coordinator

Resident Services Coordinator, Debbie Detmer, feels privileged to work with men and women at SHAG who, like her, have had years and years to "perfect themselves." Debbie shares a memorable story of a resident who was upset about not being able to wish her father a happy birthday. The resident's brother had moved their father and, after a rift, refused to tell her where he was living. Enter Debbie. With a bit of help and plenty of persistence, Debbie was able to locate the community where the father lived. She dialed the main number and when they connected her with the father, Debbie passed the phone to her resident. "It was incredible. We were both so excited! Where else could I have that kind of special impact and get paid for it?"