The SHAG Foundation centers its work on sustaining resident independence, housing stability and purpose in a focused and effective way. Its responsibility for our residents’ lives, and connecting them with local area resources, complements this commitment.

The Foundation consists of three teams: Resident Services, Programs and Partnerships, and Resident Connections Team.

Resident Services Team

Resident Services consists of Resident Service Coordinators (RSCs) and Resident Wellness Counselors (RWCs).

  • RSCs connect residents and their families to outside agencies, community resources, support groups, referral agencies, and medical providers and they also facilitate assisted living transfers. These staff members have a bachelor’s degree in social work, gerontology, applied behavioral sciences, or human services.
  • RWCs specialize in mental health and address resident needs pertaining to memory, mood, anxiety, perception, or personality disorders. They provide counseling and make connections with agencies and physicians to assist residents with appropriate mental health support. Our RWCs have a master’s degree in social work.

Programs and Partnerships

Programs and Partnerships staff members develop and implement programs that address the most hard-hitting issues impacting our residents such as mental health, fitness, nutrition, and financial assistance. They are also responsible for:

  • establishing and maintaining relationships with social service providers, EMS, universities, hospitals, food banks, arts, and community organizations.
  • coordinating volunteers at SHAG communities and managing interns from local colleges and training programs such as AmeriCorps.
  • helping veterans and their widows apply for their entitled benefits by coordinating with agencies such as Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing, providing financial support counseling, and more. An estimated 1,000 SHAG residents are veterans or family of a veteran.
  • working with and establishing committees of SHAG resident volunteers to plan, implement, and conduct social, educational, health, and recreational programs for their fellow residents.

Resident Connections Team

Resident Connections Team members work to connect local area seniors with available SHAG apartments, and provide customer service support to current SHAG residents. This team keenly understands issues affecting older people and is passionate about their homes and their wellbeing. They are responsible for:

  • answering prospective residents’ questions about SHAG housing, support services and income qualifications, and connecting people to the communities that best fit their needs and desires.
  • helping current SHAG residents to address questions or direct concerns within their own communities in a timely and professional manner.
  • enhancing SHAG’s local and national reputation by building trust, and strengthening customer satisfaction, with both future and current SHAG residents.