Resident and Community Support Fund

At the Community Life Foundation, our Resident and Community Support Fund helps older adults continue living their best life, regardless of their financial situation.

Why Give?

The Community Life Foundation has been a tireless advocate for seniors and senior housing in the Western Washington region. The Resident and Community Support Fund began with a vision of addressing the unique needs of the older adults in our region who live on a fixed income. Through innovative programs, strong community partnerships and committed, compassionate staff, we're helping ensure all older adults can live fulfilling, independent lives.

Help in creating better lives for older adults.

Eileen English

SHAG resident, Tukwila Village

Eileen English loves being part of her SHAG community. "There are just so many opportunities here to get involved," she says. A chaplain from Cincinnati, Eileen focused much of her former work on helping veterans. Since moving to SHAG, she's found ways to continue contributing to that area. "Recently, when a new resident arrived who was also a veteran, Jay (Executive Director Jay Woolford) asked me if I'd be open to volunteering with this man, talking with him, helping him adjust. I felt so good that the staff asked me, and it touches my heart to be able to help."