Youth, Seniors Together Plant Gardens & New Friendships

Posted on June 26, 2017 by Tacoma Daily Index

Local high school students and a group of residents of Lakewood Meadows, a SHAG senior living community, worked together to fill and plant 10 new raised garden beds at the community on Friday, June 23, at 5228 112th St. SW, Lakewood. The elevated gardens are designed to make it easy for the seniors to cultivate vegetables, herbs and blossoms, and also reap broader benefits.

SHAG is providing the garden beds and the soil; other materials have been donated by The Home Depot, Tacoma Mall Blvd. location. Manager Brianna Madison was able to approve the request to help out, and Home Depot provided lumber, nails and other materials to construct the raised beds. Home Depot has a generous donation program in place, with some stipulations to help sort the requests, such as raffles not being eligible.

“Many of our residents are longtime gardeners accustomed to growing produce and flowers and sharing them with their neighbors,” said Jay Woolford, executive director of SHAG. “These new beds will enable them to continue this meaningful tradition. They will also be able to provide their gardening wisdom with the students, which we hope will plant the seeds for friendships between the generations.”

About seven students and fifteen residents from SHAG Lake Meadows senior living community assisted at the intergenerational planting/gardening event. There was a lot of fun and smiles as they shared and learned and grew new friendships as well vegetables, herbs and blossoms. Students and volunteers came from several groups, including Charles Wright Academy, Lakewood Boys & Girls Club, Tacoma Community College, and Clover Park High’s Key Club.